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We are plastic molding manufacturer and exporter since we founded.
We specialized in plastic original material service, plastic mold service, plastic hot runner service, plastic injection molding machine service and plant built service.

Plastic original material service
We are willing to service customer plastic original material .as we supplier customer plastic mod, many customers feel difficult for looking for a good material supplier, we are devoted to supplier customer high quality and reasonable plastic material from last year.
So customer could save a lot of time for looking for material.

Plastic mold service in China with high quality.
Our main business is making plastic mould and export. We founded in 1992 , and we are making many kinds of plastic products, from household products ,industrial products and medical use products.
We have products design department could design the products as customers samples, if customer have drawings, It is the best.
We have mould design department, after customer confirm the products design , then our designer will design the mold ,it including mould size, mould structure details. Mould structure including the mould ejector system design, mould cooling system design, water hot runner design. Designer should pay attention to the all the parts perfectly.

Plastic hot runner service
A hot runner is one part of plastic mould. As the time goes by, more and more customers have high quality of products, so as most customers will choice the mold with hot runner.
As hot runner supplier, it is one of our advantages compared with other plastic mould supplier.
We could supplier customer from 1 tip hot runner to multitudes tips hot runner.
Of course, the hot runner tips will designed based on the products size and structure.

plastic injection molding machine service
plastic injection molding machine from our company with high performance and reasonable price.
Plastic injection molding machine from our company serviced for many our plastic mould customers. They are satisfied about our machines and became our main buyer .

As one set of plastic injection runner need other auxiliary machines for helping to got a perfect products.
So we are also suppler material dryer, water chiller, cooler tower and so on.
plant built service.

As many customers want to devoted in plastic mold area, so need a plant first. It is our shining point.
We will calculate a plant area for customers to satisfied his products want to manufacturing.
We could based on customers products calculate the plastic machine needed. Of course plant area calculate should including material machine ,stock room, auxiliary machine area and so on.
As a plant setting, we will response for customer, and try our best to save the cost.

Besides all the service we provide above ,we also have after sell service department.
As we export products to customers, like plastic mould, injection molding machine, if customers meet problems which they couldn’t solved, we will visiting customers company for helping.

More service, welcoming contacting.


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