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Sino mould CO., LTD mould design check means before tooling,mould design check should check both by our company and customer. During mould design check, Sino mould designers will consider mould design, waterway design, and give mould design suggest, customer should check mould design and tell us your opinion.

Every coin has two sides, on the other hand, if customer requirement that the mould design is different from our normal design. Don’t worry about it, please just tell us the detail mould design.

Our mould design team is very professional team. They not only help customer to design the special design, they also check every details of the design. Whether we find some parts are unreasonable, our mould designer will inform you, meanwhile tell you our suggestion for your reference.

Mould design checking play an important role in the whole. Because mould make is according to the design. When found something wrong with mould design, it will cause a big lose. What’s the worse is all the steels will be changed. The result is deliver time will be delay and cost is increase.

In one word, customer should tell us the product information, Sino mould could give you the best mould design. Sino mould also could provide you a perfect solution.

If you need mould design or new project, please feel free to contact us. Thank you.

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