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cosmetic container moldings

Cosmetic Container Moldings

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Cosmetic container molding molds
For the cosmetic container moldings molds, there are two key points:First The cosmetic container moldings molds design, it is very important for the cosmetic container moldigns molds with good injection system and cooling system. Because optimize injection system and cooling system not only can satisfy good apperance of your cosmetic container, but also can satisfy your large production capacity. 2nd the cosmetic container moldigns molds tooling quality,which will directly influence your cosmetic container moldings molds quality, and your cosmetic container moldings quality level.
Good cosmetic container molding quality level should be without any flash, small shrinkage, good mating with other components.

Cosmetic Container Moldings Technologies
First during the cosmetic container moldings, it is very important the machine was cleand before moldings, otherwise it will influence the cosmetic container surface appearance.And during the cosmetic container moldings, it is very important the machine operator was through professional molding training, thus can make sure the molding machine set up is perfect and improve the molding quality level.

Cosmetic Container Moldings Machine
Usually for the cosmetic container moldings, we will suggest customer use high quality high speed injection molding machine,especially for the thin wall products. And for the thick wall, we will suggest customer use servo motor molding machine to save power and improve the production efficiency.

Sino Moldings is equiped with around 20 sets high quality injection molding machine from 138TON to 1800Ton,and all the machine operator with professional training, thus we can offer you high quality molding service.But also based on the sino mould(one of our group branch companies which is the mould leader in china) support we can offer customer one-stop molding service including cosmetic containers design, cosmetic containers molds
making, cosmetic container molding service, cosmetic container surface treatment and packing...
We can gurantee you 100% satisfactory offer.

For more information about the cosmetic container moldings, and cosmeic container moldings service,
please feel free to contact with us.

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