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choose a Chinese suitable screw and barrel

For injection machine, choose a Chinese suitable screw and barrel is very important. Chinese screw include normal screw and special screw. Special screw is including PC special screw, PA special screw, PET special screw and PVC special screw.

Different plastic material need different screw. For PP, PE, ABS materials, we usually use normal screw. However, PC special screw, PA special screw, PET special screw and PVC special screw just for special material. Because those materials have specific attributes, like PVC material is corrosive, so it need corrosion resistance screw.

Someone will say that they have use normal screw to produce special materials. Yes, it's ok, but not good for screw and product. The normal screw will be corrosive, and the product will be not prefect. It's also not good for injection machine.If you have plastic injection machine produce PP product, but now you need produce PVC or PET product, you just need to change screw.

In conclusion, choose a suitable screw and barrel is difficult. But Sino mould can help you to choose the right screw and barrel. Are you still in trouble to choose right screw? Please contact me, I will supply you prefect solution.

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