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blowing molding machine for 1L perform

At the same time,they also wanted the machine which could blowing the perform .

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1.Blowing molding machine Its basic working principle is: softening of the thermoplastic parison of inflatable, so that it is close to the surface of a closed mold cooling, blown bulge type billet solidification and forming hollow plastic products.

2.Blow molding machine screw type: A single-screw twin-screw and multiple 3.screw with varies price because of its products.

3.Die head is divided into continuous and the loading type we say continuous

4.Blow molding mold are mostly commonly two and a half. During the work from die extrusion parison together and then blow molding. Its standard process is as follows: mould closing - the move - pressure - blowing needle into - blowing - exhaust - pressure - molding - move mould - into the next cycle
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