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The process of plastic injection molding

The plastic parts are manufactured from injection moldings, which is the one of the main methods by which parts are coming out from injection molding, as below we analysis the process for plastic injection molding.


The first step is drying the raw plastic material before production if necessary, the material such like PET, PC, PA, ABS and so on, then put it in the injection molding process is to feed the plastic raw material into the hopper, which then feeds into the barrel, the barrel is heated and contines a reciprocation screw or a ram injector. A reciprocating screw is typically found in machines that produce smaller parts. The reciprocating screw crushes the pellets, making it easier for the plastic to be liquefied. Toward the front of the barrel, the reciprocating screw propels the liquefied plastic forward, thereby injecting the plastic through a nozzle and into the empty mold. Unlike the barrel, the mold is kept cool to harden the plastic into the correct shape. The mold plates are held closed by a large plate (referred to as a movable platen). The movable platen is attached to a hydraulic piston, which puts pressure on the mold. Clamping the mold shut prevents plastic from leaking out, which would create deformities in the finished pieces.


Usually, a number of complications can arise during the plastic manufacturing process, including burned parts, deformities, surface imperfections and brittle parts. It must according to the different problems to find out the best solution to get the perfect plastic parts.


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