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Test cost (Ct)

A typical mold usually has to go through a vigorous of testing, to ensure it meets its customer’s expectation. The terminology, T1, T2, and T3, etc are often used to represent the sequence of mold tests. Each test should be accompanied with a problem report and a mold modification instruction, which leads to more rework and re-issuing materials. Therefore, mold testing is an expensive process and must be included in the quotation, using the formula below:
Where Ct0 --- standard test expense;
Cp ---- plastic material cost for test
1.    Standard Mold Test Expense (Ct0)
Mold testing requires the use of injection molding machine. Depending on its tonnage, its hourly rate various significantly. Assuming each test consumes 3h of machine time, a table as shown in Table 1-7 can be prepared, with selecting the most appropriate injection machine. By comparing the work area S0 of machine with the projected area Sp of the plastic part on the machine’s table, select S0 that is closet to and greater than SP. CT0 is the base for computing for the mold test cost, where
2.    Plastic Material Cost (CP)

Where ρ,A0 ----- the material’s density and unit cost.



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