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Side lamp mould

Injection system side lamp mould injection system design
Injection system is very important on mould designing,it is connect with plastic products shap,dimesion,injection molding machine and so on .

Injection system is guide the plastic inject to plastic mould from nozzle,it have forward pressure and heat function. it including hot runner and normal injection system.

Side lamp mould is adopt normal injection system: main sprue, subchanel ,cold slug well and injection gate.
1. subchanel should be straight enough,should be short enough,cut the belt,keep the shining Ra +1.6-0.8mm.
2. think about the mould cavity number,based on the mould size design the cavity number ,making the mould with symmetry
3. if the products area is too big,then we should avoide the gate designed in gate,to devoid the injection unbalance.
4. Should make the gate cut with easily, keep the products with good appreance.
5. Design the main sprue, avoid it inject the parts or core,stop the belting.
6. The main sprue design, should be prepare some area to keep the accurate.Mould plate design: generally mould designed with outer loosing core, drive system used with slider angle pin, spring and hydraulic system.

The material we used for side lamp mould is PC,PC with high transparent to satisfied the light could through it clearly.
Injection machine select should based on the material one mold needed.

During the machine selecting, we should pay attention to the machine screw diameter, injection weight, injection pressure and clamping force, important is tie bar distance, min. &max. mould thickness.

Of course ,we use plastic mold for produce side lamp should obey following requirements:
1. easy for tooling,easy for assembling,reduce the cost
2. reduce the weight of side lamp products to cut the car weight,then save the oil finally.
3. Keep longer side lamp life and corrosion resistance.
4. Assembling parts,save the space
5. Beautiful,comfortable,good feel of the side lamp.
6. The material is could be recycling, saving energy.

Above is for car making ,also suitable for side lamp mould making.
As we export many sets of car parts mould, or customers are satisfied with our products. So We are confident we could service our customers high quality and high performance side lamp mould.
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