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PP Container/ PP Box Injection Molding

PP Container Injection Molding

Now in the medical and food industry, more and more container or boxes or bottle change from glass to plastic material to save cost. And PP container and box is most widely used to replace the glass container/box/bottle.

PP Container/box injection molding--material requirment
For the food and medical industry, usually the material requirement is higher than others.It need the PP Container material arrive medical or food grade to make sure its health requirement

PP Container/box injection molding--mould requirement
Usually, these PP container/box is used for replacing the glass container/box, that's means it need the same clear requirement with glass. If you pay attention, you will see most PP container/box in the super-market is transparent. It's a soft promotion to attract consumer's purchasing desire. If the trasparent container is more clear, the food in the container look more attractive. So when we make the mould, we must make mirror polish in transparent area. Another consideration for the PP container manufacturer is how to achieve thin wall and fast cycle time. So they can save as much material as possible and at the same time high production capacity to achieve more profit. Thus the mould tooling precision and good filling system and cooling system of the mould is very important. Another point is these PP Container most is disposable,need high production capacity. In order to achieve the long service life, usually we will use S420 from ASSAB company for this kind of mould.

PP Container/Box Injectino molding--injection molding machine requirment
For PP Container/PP Box, usually we suggest use high quality high speed injection molding machine to achieve fast cycle time and thin wall requirment.Another related factors is the injection molding machine operator who will also influence the PP Container/PP box quality.

Sino Molding know the PP Container/PP BOX injection molding requirments very well, and our molding operators all are trained with good molding technic knowlege.The most important point is we established our dust-free workshop which reach the food and medical grade, can make sure your PP Container manufactured clean and more healthy.
Come to us, we can offer you one-stop PP Container/Box Injection molding service, which will 100% satisfy your requirement.

Edited by Wendy Lu (Sales Engineer)

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