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Mold clamping system structure

Mold clamping system structure
Mold clamping device mainly consists of the mold clamping unit, mold adjusting unit, front and rear retainer plate, moving plate and rod as well as the oil tank etc.
1.    Mold clamping unit According to the different method for achieving clamping force, the common structural forms of the mold clamping unit fall into the hydraulic type and hydraulic-mechanical type.
2.    Hydraulic mold clamping device. The hydraulic mold clamping device achieves the opening and clamping as well as locking of molds through hydraulic pressure. As indicated in Fig.6-6 is the basic structure of a simplest single-tank direct-acting hydraulic mold clamping device, which is mainly applied to mini-injection molding device, which is mainly applied to mini-injection molding machine. The mold clamping oil tank is also referred t as mold locking oil tank, whose principal function is to push and lock the mold plate through the oil pressure in the oil tank. The front and rear mold plates are supported by the rod and secured by the nut, ensuring that the moving plate can move forward and backward on the rod.
The hydraulic mold clamping device comprises the following features:
1.    Space between the mold plates and the range of thickness of the molds are both large;
2.    The adjustment of clamping force can be achieved through adjustment oil pressure; the clamping force can be directly numerated, which is quite convenient;
3.    The moving plate can stop at any place within the range of stroke, which is very convenient for adjusting mold space;
4.    The parts can be self-lubricated and is low in abrasion;
5.    Injection molding machine with strong clamping force requires large mold clamping oil tank and high oil pressure, which is disadvantageous for the sealing and manufacturing of hydraulic system;
6.    The plenty of pipeline for hydraulic system tends to be difficult for ensuring no leakage, and therefore the poor steadiness of clamping force shall influence the quality of products.


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