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Maximum Mould Daylight

As far as the mould thickness that can be accommodated between the machine platens is concerned, a distinction is made between open or maximum daylight and closed daylight. Open daylight is the maximum distance between stationary and movable platens when the clamping mechanism is fully retracted and any ejector box or spacers are not considered. Closed daylight is the distance between those platens when the clamping mechanism is fully extended. This dimension is identical with minimum mould thickness. The maximum mould thickness can be found by subtracting the minimum opening stroke required for releasing the part and the design of the mould. Mould thickness and closed daylight ver5sus clamping force of commercial machines are shown in Fig.10.14. Since emphasis is placed on the rigid, i. e., thick mould halves, machines presented by the dashed line are mostly of advantage.
The opening stroke is the distance from the stationary platen through which the movable platen is moved to release the part. The maximum stroke depends on the machine design and determines the maximum height of a part to be molded. Direct hydraulic systems usually have consider longer opening strokes than mechanical systems. Most of the time, the difference between the maximum and minimum distance of the platens are restricted. Machines with an opening stroke less than range pictured in Fig.10.15 cannot meet all requirements. Machines with is limited strokes of machines for processing thermosets and elastomers are generally within the reach of common machines. The slope of the straight line is about n=0.66 for American machines and n=0.5 for European machines; this yields a model law of the form


Where Sdx is the unknown stroke of a machine with a clamping force Fcx, and Sd0 and Fco are the opening stroke and clamping force of a known machine.


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