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Injection moulding techniques

High quality plastic product comes from super plastic material,precise mould,advanced injection moulding machine,while mould plays the most important part in all the moulding process.

Injection moulding process:
The raw plastic material pellets are poured into the
injection moulding machine hopper,then entered the injection cylinder and the heating tapes and the screw friction will make the plastic pellets melted.Under high pressure,the melting plastic pellets will combine and inject into the mould,forming the part.After the temperature cool down,the plastic pellets become solid.In order to compensate the shrinkage in the cooling process,the pellets must be kept under pressure until the gate becomes solid.Then ,cool the pellets,de-mould and get the products.The process cycle include:filling,injection,packing pressure,holding pressure,cooling and de-moulding.

injection moulding assembly:
Theinjection moulding machine construction consists of three main parts:the injection unit,the clamping unit and the machine bed with actuation and control system.
Before install the mould on the injection moulding machine,the operator must guarantee all the preparation is completed and must check all the mould connections can be able to attached to the injection machine,such as hot runner,hydraulic cylinder,cooling system and so on.
Quality control:
The plastic product surface can be affected by outside influence,such as temperature,pressure,material properties etc. The operator must control the product tolerance,shape,figure and so on through the parameters change which need professional knowledge and rich experience.
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