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Injection machine ejectin unit

Injection machine ejectin unit
The ejector unit is set for ejecting the plastic parts in the mold cavity and therefore should be provided with sufficient ejection force and stroke. The unit usually falls into three forms: mechanical ejection, hydraulic ejection and pneumatic ejection.
1.    Mechanical Ejection. The ejector pin, which is unmovable in itself, is fixed on the frame of the machine. During mold opening, the moving plate moves backward and the pin spreads though the center port in the plate, acts on the ejector plate of the mold and pushes the ejector plate to eject parts from the mold. Length of the ejector pin is determined by the thickness of the molds and adjusted by the thread.
2.    Hydraulic ejection. As indicated in Fig.6-7, an ejection oil tank is assembled at the back of the moving plate and is used to drive the plunger, i.e. the ejector pin, to work. The bolt on the plunger can be used to adjust the length of the ejector pin; during mold opening the mold plate moves backward and ejection oil tank drives the ejector pin which spreads out and begins working. The force, speed, time and stroke of ejection can thereby be ejected during mold opening, wherein during or after mold opening, which is beneficial for shortening the cycle of injection and molding.
3.    Pneumatic ejection. Pneumatic ejection is achieved through compressed air which directly blows out the plastic parts through the many mini holes on the mold. This method can avoid ejection mark on the surface of the plastic parts, yet a pneumatic auxiliary device shall be needed.


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