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Injection Molding Process Technology

Injection Molding Process Technology

1. Injection Molding pressure and Plastic melt temperature
When we molding the plastic parts, injection pressure and the plastic melt temperature is influenced by each other. When the plastic melt temperature increase, then the required injection pressure will reduce, contrarily, the required injection pressure will increase.

2. How to decide the cooling time when injection molding the plastic products
The cooling time is depend on the molded plastic parts thickness, plastic material performance and the mold temperature, according to the demolding distortion principle  . Generally, high performance plastic material require short cooling time, contraily, long time cooling time will be required.If the cooling time is too long, it not only influence the production effiency, but also cause demolding difficulty.

3.How to add the material when Injection Molding the plastic parts
Injection Molding is an intermission process, during every production period, we should blance the material in the barrel,keep the operation and plasticizing balance, thut the product performance will be better. If the material in the barrel is too much,the material heating time will be longer, thus the material will thermal degrade, and the injection molding machine power lose increase;if the material in the barrel is too less, then the mold cavity plastic material pressure will reduce, the plastic products will appear shrinkage, sunken, hollow issue. So the injection machine usually use volume measurement tool when add the material.

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