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Hot runner mould advantage

Mould purchaser and mould maker usually consider to make mould with hot runner, this is caused by hot runner mould advantage, one is can save raw material, the other is improve product quality and make cycle time shorter.

Hot runner mould type:
Hot runner mould usually use in auto mould, package mould, home appliance mould, commodity mould and so on. According to gate shape, we can divide the hot runner into three types: runner pin point gate.
2.valve gate hot runner. runner bush gate.

Hot runner mould price
Compared with cold runner, hot runner mould price is higher, but considered future production, waste raw material, product capacity; hot runner mould can save more money. Smart customers often consider the future operation and adopt hot runner mould if the product is ok.

Sino Holdings group have a branch professional to make hot runner, its name is Anole hot runner company, it aim at customers product and mould design to design the suit hot runner for you.

If you have any needs for hot runner moulds or hot runner, please feel free to contact us, we will provide you lowest price.

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