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Folding plastic container molding

Folding plastic container molding

Folding plastic container is normally molded in plastic PP or PE material. It is comprised with four side walls, a bottom, lid. And sometimes it is with handle to hold the structure rigid. Now many folding plastic containers with light weight, rigid structure, so it is very easy to be manufactured.

Foling Plastic Container Advantage
Most plastic containers, especially large types, require a large amout of storage space when not in use, and take a lot of trouble to be carried and transported. Many different structures have been devised to allow such plastic containers to be collapsed forstorage. A widely used one is connecting the walls to the bottom and joining individual side walls together by hinge.Individual hinge elements, each containing a hinge hole, are for two join parts to interlock. The number of the required hinge elements depending on the size of the plastic container. All the hinge holes of the interlocked hing elements join together to form a tunnel to let pass a link rod.The more the requied hinge elements are, the more difficult it is to produce such hinge elements. In the case of a container made of plastic materials, there is additional difficulty in removing the mold after injection molding.

Folding plastic Container Molding Material
Normally in the market, we use HDPE or PP for molding folding plastic container. we need to choose the right performance material:MFR is around 3.6~5.4g/10min,tensile strength is more than 25Mpa,  tensile strength at break should be bigger than 60%, and shrikage strength should be bigger than 40Mpa. Usually in the north of china which temperature is very lower, usualy they will use HDPE material. because HDPE impact toughness and Cold Weather Curability (around -20℃~+100℃) is better. While in the south, due to the temperaturer is higher, usually will use PP mateiral, because PP mateiral rigidity and  Heat- Resistanc performance(around 0℃~135℃) is better.
HDPE is the fatest increasd in the recycle market. Because it is easy for injection molding, and widely applied in the packing industry. So It's very economical and common to produce foling plastic container with recycle HDPE material.

Now Sino Molding R&D department is now innovate more folding plastic containers.Our R& D department will guide start from  the folding plastic container design, folding plastic container molds design, folding plastic container molds making, and folding plastic container molding, so we can satisfy our customers with high quality and innovate plastic folding containers.

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