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Diamond grit

Diamond grit
Polishing is the removal of metal by the action of free abrasive grains carried to the work pieces by a tool. The free abrasive agents are usually diamond grit, which is graded by mesh size. Table 4-4 lists grit sizes commonly used for polishing.
A hand-held tool with a rotating felt wheel is used to provide the requirement fine finish, using diamond paste #15, #9, #6 and #3. The work piece may rotate or may be stationary. Buffing has two stages. The first is “cutting down”, the refining of a surface by removal of surface imperfections or scratch lines left behind from polishing to make a relatively smooth surface smoother. The second stage is “coloring”, a further refinement of the cut-down surface to bring out maximum luster. The penetration of diamond grit with different tools is shown schematically in Fig.4-25. Fig.4-26 shows schematically the working of various grits with felt backing.
The amount of material removed from the surface depends on the size of grit embedded in the “tool”. As the crystals cut, they rotate and fall away with the metal dust grits embedded in a harder matrix, such as wood, cooper, iron, or steel, remove more of the mold surface before being shed but are more likely to cause surface scratches.




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