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We are devoted in China molding machine for customers all over the world.

we could serve customer molding machine in China with reasonable price and high performance .

injection molding machine function
injection molding machine is for injection plastic mold.
To satisfied for inject plastic mold, injection molding machine have injection unit,clamping unit, ejector unit and locking unit.
Injection unit is for plastic melting and help injection material into mould.
Clamping unit is for stale plastic mould. Plastic mould have two parts, mould core and cavity, so the two parts stable on machine plate.
Ejector unit function is for help plastic mould ejector products fulling. After injection plastic into mould, got the products, then ejector unit ejector product out of the mould.
Locking unit is for helping the machine to finish the mould open and close.

As injection molding machines have many types.
As customers requirements for different products and production, following are the main machines we have:
Standard injection molding machine. If customers have no high production requirements, then we will suggest customer use this type of injection molding machines.
Servo injection molding machine. This type of injection molding machine main advantage is could save 25%-50% energy as the standard injection molding machines.
High speed injection molding machine .this type of injection molding machine is the most suitable machine for injection thin wall products and high quantity products. High speed injection molding machine is for save time and make high production.
Also have double color plastic injection molding machine for customers’ choice.
As usual , customers will have requirements for the color. Double color including pure color and mix color. We could service customers both color injection molding machines.

We have our own after sale service department for helping customers when customers have problems for machine assembling ,when customers ‘s machine have problems, our customer couldn’t repair it, then our after sales department will send our engineer for helping.

Our injection molding machine is serving all over the word.
And we also welcome customers become our injection molding machine agent, no matter which country you are. also, some countries we already have agents, like Iran, Italy .

As a plastic injection molding machine company , we will improve ourselves as customers requirements.
We also hope more and more customers will choice our machines all over the word.


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