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Bottle production line

Bottle production line has three main stages:preform molding stage, bottle blowing stage and cap molding stage.
The screw neck configuration and gram weight of the bottle product is very important to the design of PET preform mould and PET blowing mould as well as calculating the cost. The gram weight can decided the appropriate cavities. As for the interchangeable problem of the bottle mould,the interchangeable gram weight difference is often less than 5 grams; the difference can increase 10 grams to big jar. The interchangeable way includes mould core interchangeable, mould cavity interchangeable and screw neck interchangeable etc. So, bottle mould must have high machining precision to guarantee the interchangeability. Furthermore, the hot runner system played a very important part in avoiding the bottle product shortage.
Sino's PET preform mould- mould feature:
Mould base steel use:DIN1.2311
Screw neck steel use:DIN 1.2038 stainless steel,tempered with HRC45
Mould spare parts steel use:DIN1.2344 in D-M-E metric dimension standard.
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