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5H injection machine

When we talk about 5H injection machine, some people will ask a question: what is 5H? 5H is short for high speed, high energy saving, high injection precision, high stability circulation ability, high safety.

The first H of 5H injection machine is high speed. It refers to high- speed response accumulator. Using high precision single cylinder injection system, especially suitable for high speed injection, Machine will be with low-inertia and high response speed, which will save more time to produce our products than other normal machines.

The second H of 5H injection machine  is high energy saving. It refers to injection unit. Machine is with high response servo system to maintain the output and to satisfy the actual need.

The third H of 5H injection machine  is high injection precision. By way of adopting European advanced controller 1000/2000, the machine can control the temperature and precision when injected.

The fourth H  of 5H injection machine  is high stability circulation ability. It refers to the clamping unit. The machine adopt fully closed loop injection system with precision Moog servo valve, make sure injection is precise and stable.

The fifth H of 5H injection machine  is high safety. It refers to hydraulic unit. Machine is with mechanical, hydraulic, electrical triple protection.

SINO 5H injection machine manufacturer specialize in 5H injection machine, which is suitable for producing some thin-wall packing container, some huge quantity plastic component and so on.

If you want some more information about 5H injection machine, pls feel free to contact me.

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