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Plastic mould of milk powder flip cap technology

Sino Mould is a professional cap mould manufacturer ,and we exporter it to all over the world.
Plastic mold of milk powder flip cap technology is very important, it decided plastic mould and products quality.

Plastic mould of milk powder flip cap technology we should take it account:
1. Flip cap stress should be good to make sure it is easy for clamping well.
2. Sealing function should be good,it is used for stock milk powder,should keep it dry and clean,if not,milk powder
will harm children’s healthy.
3. Easy for opening ,easy for pick up milk powder.
4. Mould core should be high polished to avoid flash ,keeping children and adult safty.
5. Good stricture for assembling good with spoon.
6. High performance tooling machine in our company import from Japan, Italy to promise mould quality.
7. Need take the material perameter account when injection.Genarral, customer will used PP for injection plastic products.
All the point we will take account when designing step.

We could supply customer most professional and experienceplastic mould of milk powder flip cap designing and making.
Any question and help, please feel free to contact.

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